Thursday, November 16, 2006

now the fall is on its way out and so am i as i pack up to leave the leaves and head for peckham where my gingko has yet to shed its golden load [ if it is obeying its usual schedule].

8:54 AM

now back in peckham

so if you are in that area and see a dishevelled figure
picking up and scrutinising leaves
from gutters and pavements
dont just think its just another case of release to
'care in the community'....
it may be the night porter returned
and trying to arrest the autumn here
as he tried in princeton

to halt the fall

12:01 AM


ruth said...

good to know you are safely home and this piece is exactly what we are looking for in terms of kitchen tiles. do you offer a range?

jrmedia - on painters & painting said...

So, that's what 'fall' means. The colours, the colours, the colours....
Very lovely Mr Phillips.

the night porter said...

the picture you see here is only a test piece done in princeton earlier this month. since then i have been
juggling with over a thousand leaf fragments to arrive at
a more evocative solution....
to the melancholy accompaniment of the night porter's radio each midnight onwards as it monitors the regress
of englands cricketers in brisbane
falling last night like the leaves one by one.