Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bellenden Road

is there a special ring yet to the name bellenden road?
street of strange bollards ornate mosaics and lampposts de luxe.
here for instance one late afternoon leaning against one of said bollards [by antony gormley]
looking over at one of said mosaics [by tp]
under the light of one of said lampposts [also by tp]
i am outside peckhams brilliant bookshop called review
having just bought a copy of jake tilsons 12 kitchens another low priced and lavish work from the local master of food and font
together with his little guide to peckham eating which strangely omits another of the glories of bellenden road
the friendliest and best of peckham eateries
the crossroads cafe where i most often have my lunch .
just the place to go tuesday to sunday after buying one of jakes [or
one of my] books.

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