Thursday, August 16, 2007


Meanwhile I have promises to keep. One is to make an image of a banana as a campaign contribution in support of Turps Banana an excellent quarterly in which painters write about painting...a non-flashy forum that is not, like so many art journals, a pimple of matter on a mound of promotional hype or a few bits of critical prose that serve to keep the adverts apart.

I told its co-editor Marcus Harvey that I'd only met one banana, the disgraced former President of Zimbabwe. I have, it so happens, a poor record in meeting world leaders. Disgrace is a common factor, since my roster includes Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe and Tony Blair. If Hillary Clinton gets elected you have been warned.

For some reason some kind of skipping rhyme came into my head to accompany Canaan Banana . I felt the need also to rescue my lovely Olivetti portable from too many years of neglect. How pleasurably physical is the bangy act of typewriting and how fine the font looks after acres of computerface.

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Mike C. said...

I still recall one Radio 4 Today programme back in the 1980s (even clearer than I remember John Lennon's death or falling for their "New EU regulations on shoe sole tread depth" April Fool) when the newsreader seemed to pause for a beat, tighten his cheek muscles, and then announced in a very level tone indeed the entry of "The Reverend Canaan Banana" onto the world stage.

You're right about the typewriter typeface. I love seeing the typewritten labels in neglected museum cases, or in library catalogue card drawers, all in different founts. My typewriter used to fill in the o's, e's, p's, etc. in the same way bored people used to do with newspapers (maybe it was just one man, haven't seen one of those left on the train for years).