Sunday, December 16, 2007

My painting cont'd VIII

Since this painting daily commands most of my attention it comes to act as a repository of my energies; not a locked chest, but one that continually leaks to affect or, in viral fashion, to infect other work in progress. Even some innocent portrait may show symptoms. However it is A Humument that always falls first victim to such benign contagion, as can be seen in the most recent of the reworked pages. The book as a whole provides a lifetime diary of tropes and trends, strategies and devices, a house of memory of my visual preoccupations.

A Humument page 7 2007

The photos of my picture and its crazed-looking creator that have appeared in this account were taken by Alice Wood. The present state of the painting in a slightly wider studio context can also be seen here through the lens of Lord Snowden, as featured on the cover of the forthcoming issue of Apollo.


silver said...

"...a veil thrown over a veil..."
Totally, totally sweet.

Mike C. said...

Not sure about the red halo, but the fag and the Crocs do lend a magisterial air. Happy New Year to all at Talfourd Road! Now on to the next blog...

Anonymous said...

It was both a joy and an education to read a well written article. Lucky are the people who knew of Apollo and Tom Phillips.
I have learnt a lot and enjoyed what I have discovered as a result of reading one article in Solomon I have surpassed thee.


Thank you