Friday, February 08, 2008

My painting cont'd XIII

Here Alice has cooked up, by the addition of underpainting yet unmade, a composite image which shows more clearly how the picture is going. This is in preparation for an article in Turps magazine which will be a digest of this blog as Part I of a gripping two part series. The next entry here will make the half time summary.

After observing my maladroit fidgeting with clamps to hold any two panels together on the easel Andy suggested making a simple holder, here in use, which does the trick... with the additional benefit of giving the hand a less risky resting place than on the picture surface.


Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the photos of you devant le tableaux which I hope you'll continue - nice to see you working though.

ruth said...

what a team! lovely panel holder andy!

this very meditative process is getting addictive. looking forward to more installments.