Monday, February 20, 2012

Seventy Fifth Birthday News

Seventy fifth birthday looming up and a small self fest to celebrate. 

The new and updated 5th edition of A Humument will be published by Thames & Hudson on 24th May.

24th May (the birthday itself) is also varnishing day at the RA where I’ll be showing tennis balls and 5 new prints in the Summer Exhibition. 

25th May going local again with a substantial exhibition namely of prints at GX Gallery.

On 26th a show of new work will open at Flowers East.

Will be doing a reading from A Humument at Review Bookshop on 30th May. 

For the Flowers show I seem to be in the middle of a group of a dozen or so pastels. Pastels again, yes. Somehow I find myself in tune with paper and charcoal and chalk and pastel and especially with the rubbing out of same, working backwards, erasing away, letting the paper do the white work… more like finding a sculpture inside a messy bit of wood; subtracting, getting rid of, carving back.

How it Ended Up, Pastel, 2012, h61cm x w46cm

Also on birthday number 75, an update to A Humument App for iPad and iPhone comes out on iTunes, and a brand new, redesigned Tom Phillips website will be launched (more about that soon). In the following week I shall be on the road again for the fortieth sampling of 20 Sites n Years.

Blog readers are invited to the private view of my show at GX Gallery, Camberwell on the 25th May, and the opening at Flowers East on the 26th May. 

I hope to bump into all three of you at one or the other of these events.


Anonymous said...

All excellent news. The pastel drawings are beautiful and a new edition of A Humument means the world will have 5 different versions of the same book. Unbeatable - until the 6th.

Mike C. said...

Just wanted to say: I managed just yesterday to acquire a used iPad 2, and -- obviously! -- immediately downloaded the full-on Humument app.

Wow. Just amazing. Dare I say that it is actually better than the printed versions?