Monday, October 16, 2006

Heart of Darkness

New work on the opera Heart of Darkness by Tarik O'Regan to libretto and design by TP will be performed in Brooklyn and Princeton this November. This follows an earlier performance of an extract in August at the Royal Academy as part of a programme of 11 world premières based on texts by TP.
Heart of Darkness is being written as an opera in one act for 8 singers and 13 instruments. These events will feature scenes from Heart of Darkness, in addition to a panel discussion with O’ Regan and TP. Scenes will be performed with singers and piano accompaniment, led by AOP Artistic Director Steven Osgood.
3rd November performance at American Opera Projects, 138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn.
4th November performance 8pm Wolfensohn Hall, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
This event is free and open to the public, but tickets must be requested in advance.

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the night porter said...

after a preliminary tryout in brooklyn the american opera group with tarik and myself brought our fragments of a show to princeton for a workshop performance at the wolfenson hall.

we performed the half already in piano score and the rest we did as a libretto reading with a bit of a commentary from composer and {under the long shadow of conrad] writer.

a good audience,the hall pretty full and noone seen to slink out.
while the piece is in this gestatory form i have role {as narrator} before as is the inevitable fate of librettists disappearing into near oblivion. i even commandeered a line or two including the tricky 'mistah kurtz.he dead' which managed not to raise a laugh or a shuffling of politically correct feet.