Friday, October 27, 2006

Rainbow Room Gala

TP was at the Rainbow Room Gala for the American Associates of the Royal Academy Trust on October 24th in New York.
i managed to have a smoke hiding behind a fern in the rainbow room. 65 floors is a long way to go. my dodgy knee was sufficient alibi to avoid dancing and i confess to putting on a bit of a limp. that and the smoke were the highlights of the evening. otherwise very good trip to new york . lunch with tarik followed by a visit to my favourite comic store the time machine w14th at 7th where roger remembered my penchant for rima the jungle godess. i wish i could draw like hector redondo, came away laden back to chelsea hotel
strolling into the malibu diner nearby where i always have breakfast was hailed by old friend gavin henderson an habitue of both the malibu and the chelsea and therefore a person of rough refinement. like david gothard whom i bumped into in small world cafe in princeton last week he is a man of schemes and you become part of his latest after a few minutes. one of the guardians of le gai saber. he paid for breakfast so i worked out that it cost him $743 less to sit with me than it did my companion of the night before.

night porter

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ruth said...

wish i could have shared some of these ny moments with you. aren't wobbly knees useful sometimes? i've got baroque ones.

meanwhile in europe we are just back from arezzo where we have been enjoying piero della francesca....