Thursday, January 04, 2007

Closing 2006

last artrite of 2006...
the celebration just after christmas of 40 years work on
A Humument.
made a humument fragment using the final autumn leaves in talfourd road
a wedding of an old project with a new
and thereby another epithalamium for fiona who now owns it

unlike shane warne i have not retired
and am glad to take the field again this new year .
currently my batting average is 1 run as is my aggregate and highest score
made at the oval in the cricket match to celebrate my fiftieth birthday.
i may reach seventy this season [years not runs] if we get to empire day
[whats that mum?] . i cunningly chose to be born on may 24th since empire day was a half holiday from school.....


ruth said...

another gem of an entry. hello mike. spread the word!

Mike C. said...

I still can't quite believe I'm nearly alone in this Enormous Room, and feel as self-conscious as if I'd arrived too early for a party (I visit the photographer Alec Soth's blog daily, which he describes as his virtual smoky loft, and there the chat level can be like a brilliant but noisy party). So, if you read these comments Tom, and before the other guests start to arrive, let me get this out of the way:

I have admired your work as much as I have admired anything since I was given a (signed!) copy of A Humument in 1980. Your outstanding example of a life of protean creative enquiry has inspired and humbled me ever since; thank you, and congratulations. Now, on with the blog!

Mike C. said...

Oh my God, it's worse than I thought! The penny has dropped that you (Ruth) are Tom's daughter. Not only is this party half empty, but it's also a family do ... Not sure whether to "get me coat" now or fetch some more strangers!

On a more serious note: is this intended to be a *blog* (you know: total strangers hijacking each thread for weeks and arguing with each other), or is the Atelier Phillips just using the blog-like structure as a form of newsletter?

ruth said...

fetch some more strangers mike! they're missing the party;

jrmedia - on painters & painting said...

Well, I've been enjoying the party - mostly as a shy observer... You'll find me in the kitchen trying to avoid conversations about Shane Warne and the smug aussie cricketers. Sometimes it's hard being an Australian!...