Wednesday, January 10, 2007

first footer

michael c is more than welcome since he qualifies not only as icebreaker at this blog
[for blog it is and not {as it might have seemed} restricted to blood relatives]
but as first footer of 2007
albeit that he is not able to carry a piece of coal across its threshold
and may not even have dark [or any] hair

of hair there will
as my solstitial haircut approaches
be more anon

but meanwhile if michael c should get in touch via website
i can tell him of the gift that i must traditionally give
in exchange for the first footers conceptual coal


Ismo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike C. said...

Hey, that's me! I'll be right over.

Something I've just discovered, that may be of interest to Humument watchers -- Mallock's A Human Document may be bought in a facsimile edition via Amazon -- not sure whether Comparing and Contrasting Tom's versions with the original will be as rewarding as I'd always imagined, but it'll be a chance to find out.

Mike C. said...

Curses! The edition of A Human Document on Amazon is the American edition (Cassell, 1892) which has different pagination, so no direct comparisons are possible. Back to the second hand shops ...

Incidentally, this blog has vanished from the web page, but I'm told this is a temporary condition. But for now it's become a private party (or maybe a "Lock In"?) ...