Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A message from Bill Hurrell

No sooner than Part 2 of Miami Dice is put up than TP receives a message from his friend in Saskatchewan, Bill Hurrell.
"Another coincidence in our long history. I've only just moved from Indian Head to nearby Wolseley, a pleasant little town famous for its swinging bridge. I'm enjoying the blog but it might be helpful to point out to folk outside Britain that Wolseley and Austin (whose great library in Texas coincidentally collects your books) are both names of defunct British automobiles and that there indeed was a small 7hp car when we were kids marketed as the 'Baby Austin'. I shall, tomorrow I hope, be the first to toast the amazing Sackners with an Austin in Wolseley..."


Mike C. said...

OK, OK, I'll step into this hall of mirrors and (at the risk of discovering that there really ain't no Sanity Clause) politely ask that Bill Toge -- sorry, *Hurrell* -- address this blog directly, else honest people may suspect personation. After all, a man who devises his own coincidences is no gentleman, or even some kind of artist.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Mr. C. meant to write: "a man who devises his own coincidences is no gentleman or, even worse, some kind of artist".

ruth said...

mike c are you bill toge?

Mike C. said...

Ha! Bill Toge c'est moi, innit?

A tempting thought ("lone toge come to life on yon steps that led to Everything") but *today* I am being Kilgore Trout, following the very sad news that Kurt Vonnegut is no longer with us :(

"toge has a heart, sad like a rat"