Monday, April 30, 2007

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007

Periwinkle Diaries I & II will be shown as a pair in this year's RA Summer Show (11th June - 19th August) together with five other new works including the installation The Library at Elsinore and new prints; South London Dreaming, The Autumn Arrested and a new Humument print.

South London Dreaming, Silkscreen ed 25, 65cm x 74.5cm, 2007.

In Israel, Epson and silkscreen ed 100, 34cm x 30cm, 2005.

The Autumn Arrested, Epson & Silkscreen, ed 25. 2007, 81cm x 81cm


Kerstin said...

What a nice fusion of "All that Fall" and "Skin Game"... though I like the warm colours and rather positive air of Halting the Fall best!

TP Studio said...

Dear Kerstin - I'm afraid I've just removed the image Arresting the Autumn, but it will be back soon! Sorry to leave your comment hanging in the air like that, kind regards, Blog Admin.

silver said...

The AlteredText list group wishes Tom a very **happy birthday**! Keep on kicking artistic butt! :D

(AlteredText is a group that focuses on doing to books what Tom did/does with A Humument. )

mark lawrence said...

Elated to know about this summer exhibition and I am sure it was a successful one. Couple of months ago, I booked an exquisite Chicago event space and arranged a charity event there. It was a grand event and got great response from public. Drinks were served to everyone.