Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My painting cont'd II

Probing into the unmapped territories beyond the edges of the initial panel was exciting. The first move with each panel was to create a field of inconclusive marks without reference to its neighbour; a space for the partially resolved shapes to reach out into and conquer, as in a territorial game. The main guiding systems were already present in Panel I, a dialogue of dark and light and a conversation between large calligraphic forms and the intricate ornamentation of which they were made and which they inhabited. My own tendency to over-clarify the boundaries would have to be fought - i.e. gritting my teeth to relax. The more general question of how large this work would be remained open.



silver said...

Cool! It reminds me a "serendipity squares" although in reverse; you're not slicing a whole into pieces, but bringing the pieces into a whole!

ruth said...

'gritting your teeth to relax'...don't suppose i'll ever persuade you to come to that yoga class, will i?