Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Painting cont'd III

This was the state of play at the start of August. Probing each new panel is like exploring a dark and only half remembered room with a faulty torch.....

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jeremy said...

The changes between september 4 and 20 are dramatic - extra panels intervening - and the smaller stippled ones on the right seem to be losing out.

I must say that this is a very weird feeling - seeing a work in progress and comments from an artists whose work i love and admire ever since buying a copy of IRMA (on Obscure and I know your feelings) reading a review of Dante and buying a copy of the Heart of a Humament in a synchronicity that occurred in a week. I have since bought 3 Humaments, have Dante, Works and Text 74 & 92 and Postcards.

If only I had the money for some prints (let alne a c loopseend) - but just to let you know the books give me great pleasure.